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Fiberbuilt leads the industry with its’ rotatable, component based golf mat systems., Fiberbuilt Grass, the primary hitting surface, only needs to be replaced every 2-5 years and the secondary hitting surface, the turf stance mat, should be rotated often and replaced every 1-3 years.

Fiberbuilt Mat Systems

The Traditional Mat System consists of:

  • Moulded rubber foundation base.
  • Fiberbuilt grass provides the optimum hitting surface in terms of durability and performance.
  • Nylon stance mat.
  • Optional ball tray.


  • Available as single or double-sided.
  • Replacement parts are available.


Traditional Mat System



Traditional Golf Mat System

S4R-401 (Single) S24R-401 (Double)

Our Fiberbuilt component golf mat systems consists of:

1-S4R-F compound rubber foundation base
1/2 -305/4-4-8TH – Fiberbuilt performance grass section – 8 tee holes – 1′ x 4′
1-401-AT Nylon turf stance mat

(Ball tray optional)

Single Mat System part number S4R-401-AT-U

Measures:  4′ wide x 5′ long
Weight;  130 lbs

Double Mat System part number S24R-F

Measures: 4′ wide x 6′ long
Weighs: 156 lbs


Alignment Grass with Swing Path



SKU: 305 / 40-4-TRAIN


The Fiberbuilt Swing Path Alignment Grass is made of nylon fibres and has one tee hole.  You can add this hitting panel to any 4′ Fiberbuilt Mat as a training aid.

Measures 1′ wide x 4′ long.

Mat System Component Parts


Moulded from high performance compounded rubber.

Homogenous rubber will not disintegrate or crumble over time.

Can be used on any firm packed and level suface.

Drainage holes.

Fiberbuilt grass ad stance mat fit snugly into the foundation base.

Available in single (4′ x 5′) or double (4′ x 6′).





Fiberbuilt’s Ball Wing Rubber Moulded ball tray holds 150 balls.  Made from the same durable rubber as the frame, our ball tray keeps balls directed away from the player’s swing path and the design makes it quick and easy to move balls from the tray to the mat.

We offer three tee options, Adjustable, Hollow and Friction fit.  All available in boxes of 50.